Welltain®: the fitness formula of the mountains

Welltain ® (wellbeing in the mountain) is a new way of boosting your general well-being by taking exercise and relaxing in the open air. You will be attended by trained Welltain-coaches who will support you and advise you on how you can build certain Welltain experiences into your everyday life.

It is no coincidence that the Welltain idea originated in Lech am Arlberg, the medium altitude of 1500-2500m (4921ft - 8202ft) being extremely important here. The research project AMAS 2000 (Austrian Moderate Altitude Study) was the first to yield scientific proof that a properly conducted, individually planned active holiday in the mountains leads to a significant recuperation effect.

Welltain means movement and exercise

Everybody knows nowadays that exercise is healthy, even those who choose a sedentary lifestyle. Lack of exercise is a modern "disease" despite being the key to better health. Exercise need not be an annoying obligation - it can be fun! Welltain optimises the way you exercise in every sense. This is ensured via an individually planned programme to be carried out at the ideal altitudes of the Arlberg mountains.

Welltain means coaching

Coaching does not mean jumping every time someone blows a whistle at you or strictly following a regime that will stop at nothing to get you fit - quite the opposite.

Our coaches will carefully listen to your personal wishes and put together an individual programme for you, which is in line with your personal fitness abilities - and above all fun to carry out.

Welltain means relaxation

An active day at 1500m a.s.l. not only promotes stamina and performance but is also the best relaxation exercise for the work-stressed psyche. The results achievable with Welltain far exceed those of standard fitness regimes, all the more because passive relaxation is also a part of the regime.

After hiking, your coach can for example lead you through a calming relaxation session to stimulate the senses and promote body awareness. Alternatively, you can free your mind with a relaxing sauna or steam bath, enjoy a massage and look forward to the cuisine offered by the many excellent speciality-restaurants in Lech.

Welltain means more measurable success

The best proof of the deep impact Welltain can have is how great you feel after a Welltain holiday. If you wish however, we can also reveal what changes you have undergone via a sports-scientific examination before you leave.

What we cannot measure are: how great you will feel after a couple of Welltain days with us in Lech and how much fun you'll have. Our guests however confirm what the scientists cannot - whoever comes to us as a Welltain guest - usually comes again!

When can we look forward to welcoming you?

Further information about Welltain® programmes and prices:
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Measurable Success

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Die Arlberg Wanderer
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